A Downside Of Progress

I was reading some articles on the Radio Iowa website and came across an entry by Matt Kelley. Got me to thinking. Kelley said that many farmers are facing issues involving allergies and hearing loss. We have had friends and family in Iowa for years. Unless it is a serious illness, they never even mention the word “Sick.” So what about this new development? One answer might be that this is part of the downside of progress. Farming machinery has gotten bigger and more sophisticated. In the old days a horse and plow or even a tractor were relatively quiet. But today the newer models of tractor, truck and combine, while not screechingly loud, still provide a constant (possibly negative) effect on the hearing. As for the allergies, this same machinery kicks up more dust than a horse and plow ever did. It looks as if ear plugs and sinus medicine may become part of the new farm equipment.

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