"An inherently riveting read from cover to cover, The Northeast Quarter clearly demonstrates author S. M. Harris as a truly gifted storyteller, and his many layered, deftly crafted novel certain to be a highly popular addition to personal reading lists and community library General Fiction collections."
-Midwest Book Review

About Northeast Quarter

The Northeast Quarter is an epic story of the power of family, the complexity of human greed, and the pursuit of justice during the early 1920's in an America defined by the aftermath of war and the onset of The Great Depression.

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The Northeast Quarter Chronology

When I told people about The Northeast Quarter, one of the responses was “Oh. It’s set during The Great Depression. Like Grapes Of Wrath.” Actually, it takes place ten years before – between 1918 and 1929.  A closer approximation of the time period would be found in Splendor In The Grass – as America slides from a post-war boom into financial breakdown.

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