Harper Lee And Horton Foote

Among my favorites and certainly both were an influence on my work. I’ll never be as good, but if I spend the rest of my life trying, that’s all right with me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s, everyone.  Temp here in Brooklyn has risen to 6 degrees.  Took Lorraine to the Pearl Room where we exchanged cards and whooped it up over brunch.  Stay warm.

The Northeast Quarter Chronology

When I told people about The Northeast Quarter, one of the responses was “Oh. It’s set during The Great Depression. Like Grapes Of Wrath.” Actually, it takes place ten years before – between 1918 and 1929.  A closer approximation of the time period would be found in Splendor In The Grass – as America slides from a post-war boom into financial breakdown.

Harris Checking In – Volunteer Work

Looking back, it was volunteer work which got me into this line of endeavor. In 1985 I volunteered to move sets and scenery for a ramshackle theater group in Santa Monica, CA. I ended up writing material for them. Sometimes when you give, you do receive.